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at the berth. >> this area is being sold as nobe. north oakland, berkeley, and emeryville. tomas roman is live in the neighborhood with more. >> some realtors started to use the name nobe to describe this north oakland neighborhood known usually as the golden gate district. and some resident wes spoke to say this name change is just a ploy to raise home plieses and displace low income families. >> scott and laurel moved from san francisco into this area which some real tore refer to as nobe. >> it's reasonable shopping around. lots of kids in the neighborhood. lots of people walking their doings. this is nice. >> rosa says she loves north oakland and has lived in this home for 30 years. >> this is a long-standing north oakland community that is being swallowed up by real estate agents. reporter: she does not like the idea that real estate agents and brokers are selling her neighborhood as nobe, standing for north oakland, berkeley, emeryville. she says it's plan to sanitize an area of oakland to boost home prices and gentrify the area. >> feels like we're a pawn in this game of real estate pri
inch in santa rosa. over an inch in san francisco. just under nine tenths in oakland. other locations received lower amounts of rainfall. concord about a third of an inch. where do we stand in terms of percent of normal rainfall? over 150% in most locations and nearly 200% of average in san francisco. we're not experiencing a rainfall; >> 40 trees toppled because of the recent storms, today about a dozen fell and have caused more damage. we're live tonight with the story. >> that is right. on 14th avenue in the richmond district. i'm using this light to sort of help knee navigate around here. this massive pile that you can see here is only a section of the huge eucalyptus tree that came down this morning. need less to say, crews were busy. trees and roofs combined with heavy winds can cause an old tree to topple in a storm this, one happened to also fall on a car. >> winds blow. as bad as today, we're busy. >> crews cut it down. it's the city's responsibility to trim the trees. >> we don't have the number of trues that we'd like. in fact tree maintenance cycle is far short
bill board. abc 7 news is live for us in west oakland. >> we're talking about several new bill boards out there. this vigil just wrapping up here. they had it heer because this is where this career center would be locate bud some say the plan to pay for it is a sellout for the community. one blight is another funding source. that is the gift of the controversy over thousand pay for a new job and resource center. a proposed deal between the and i army base developer would fund the center with<í proceeds with five new bright and shiny bill boards. they would join the three that are already there. >> i will grant you that. but those decisions have been made in negotiated since the bill boards goring to be there, revenue from the bill board is and ought to fund the job center. >> oakland clergy joined to hold a vigil and prayer service. the events held on 18th and adeline. opponents say the proposed deal is ultimately a bad one for the community. >> we want jobs and a job center. to base it on polluting the landscape it trying to pit us against each other. that is the intention of this.
. oakland police say a teenage girl was shot and killed in the coliseum this afternoon. the shooting happened on lion way. a second juvenile was out shot and rushed to a hospital. that victim is expected to survive. no arrest has been made. >> the investigation continues after a fire inside a south bay apartment building where a children's sleepover was being held. three members of one family never made it out, including a four-year-old. her grandparents also died in the fire. sergio quintana has the latest live from the scene of the fire. reporter: that family that has been hit so hard by this fire is actually setting up a memorial right now inside one of the apartments in this complex. earlier today, i talked with the woman who lost her mother, her father, and her daughter. >> sill the says the last time she saw her daughter was last knight at bedtime. >> she was staying with your parents? >> yes. she was in their room. >> just at 1:00 p.m. she noticed a fire in her brother's other. you can see the windowsill of the room, an example how ferocious the fire burned. she tried putting
an at risk juvenile victim who went missing from a care facility. abc 7 news is live at oakland police headquarters tonight with latest on this case. nick? >> good evening, oakland police being tight lipped with details but did confirm to abc 7 news they're investigating what happened to that 16-year-old girl. on tuesday a teen-aged girl her parents say suffers from autism and has mental capacity of a 9-year-old went missing. after several searches she was found in san francisco on a muni bus, her parents tell us she'd been assaulted. today, directors expressed fwrat tud for helping find her. >> that is what we're focusing on is her return to safety. we're grateful to the community. >> i spoke with the mother who says she doesn't want to disdus the -- discuss the nature of the injuries or details out of concern it might jeopardize this case. >> we're just pleased that there is an apprehension, so pleased the community responded. >> police aren't saying much, only an arrest has been made. >> particulars around who, what, and why aren't being shared with the public or youth facility. >>
this weekend called city lift. abc 7 news is live foróq-= us in oakland with the story. >> this program focused on nine cities here in the east bay. hard hit by the crisis, there are a lot of folks who need just a little help buying a home. >> we got the money! >> glenn tailor is celebrating she qualified for 20,000s ndz down payment assistance from wells fargo bank. >> the dream has come true. >> dreams do come true. they do. >> wells fargo reaching out to hundreds of families trying to help them with $20,000 towards a down payment on a home. sean coleman lined up at 6:00 a.m. one of the first to find out he qualified. >> exciting day? >> yes. better than a birthday! >> would wish you best. >> not everyone who applies will qualify. applicants must have a consistent income ask strong credit history. for those who do qualify the $20,000 will being forriven if the buyer stays in the home five years. or owe prorated 20% per year of residence. >> the goal making sure we don't have people jumping in and flipping properties but that stay there. >> this family just found out they did not qualify for t
. towards east bay, oakland close to an inch there. san jose, 61/100ths6 rain. you're going get a chance to dry out. break is coming up but another storm will be returning. i'll let you know timing of the storm and a look at your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> days of rain taking a toll on hill slides. this tree came down in burlingame neighborhood, a video sent to you reports blocked roads. and here is one being taken down in berkly. after part of it fell across some phone line was a car carred below. and tonight abc 7 news is live in mill valley with, in marin county with a look at the storm story. cornell? >> yes. you know so many hills and mountains and that is part of the beat yu of but tonight they're saturated like this one behind me. the mountain is just so wet. i can't believe it. it's raising a fear of mudslides and toppled trees. tree crews say it's not, but they wanted for christmas. so much work, they can barely give up this, tree one of dozens to topple nofr yoevr night. the family snapped a picture after the tree blocked the road. >> this time, when i saw it, i was
. a stuck car on shepherd canyon in oakland. peter sent us this picture this morning via ureport. he said good samaritans rescued the driver. e-mail your photos to >> right now are 7500 customers without power. that's down from 300,000 earlier today. we have more storm aftermath ahead. we'll take you to a flooded mobile home park and look at a tree that crushed a fence. >> the niners head to overtime against a division rival again. >> the bay area is drying out now but not for long. the timing of >> ama: people in menlo park are doing defensive driving after true blew down. it came down with enough force to take down a small brick wall. crews cut the branches to clear the roadway. nearby an unrelated power outage left drivers without signal lights for an hour in the afternoon. >>> take a look at what's going on in vallejo. these scenes are from a trailer park. there's a lot of water with no place to go except into the park, and into trailers. several residents have evacuated the area. some cars didn't quite make it out. no injuries that we know of, but that water will
an inch and a half. oakland, two. and livermore, an inch and just over three quarters. contra costa county wind gusts today. here is what is coming up. third storm in the last one, this weekend, saturday night, 11 p.m. stormy weather. heavy rain, wind, 7:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area continuing through 9:00 a.m. we have our radar i'll be back with rainfall totals and these look impressive. >> thank you. as expected north bay saw heaviest rain today. abc 7 news is live from petaluma now. >> like tell you, showers popping up here, too. here in the north bay, heavy down pours created spotty problems here. this parking lot this morning was flooded. right after this owners couldn't get a truck in or out. water receded now as we speak but owners expect it to happen over again this weekend. >> that is soil. >> leeland says he's been down this road before. at least, his parking lot has, now submerged in water. >> first place to food is petaluma is sometimes the only place that floods in petaluma. there has been a lot of work done to contain flooding downstream. and this happens to use t
in east oakland.tq?-typaz nick? >> good evening, police chief introduced a plan to reduce crime in the city çs÷ç oakland, that was 24 hours ago in. in the short time, four people lost lives on the streets of oakland. >> and i heard p.o.w., p.o.w., p.o.w.. it won't stop. >> ricky lives house as way from where two men were shot and killed after 1:00 a.m. there have been no arrests and police have not identified a suspect but this morning the 800 block of immediate avenue remained an active crime scene. investigators looking for clues and collecting eefdz i heard about 20 shots. and minutes later a woman stabbed to death in this apartment. police detained a man with cuts to his hands, investigators moved in and out of the second floor apartment telling abc 7 news they were still working to identify the victim. all on the heels of kmebts made by howard jordan, yesterday, he discussed putting into place a two-point plan to fight violent crime in oakland. >> we don't want a repeat of this year, next year. we have 127 murders this year. >> it's now 130 murders after two gunshots vic
. his identify ti has in the yet been released. >> and in oakland two, pedestrians were sent to the hospital. two cars careened onto the sidewalk. this afternoon, two people standing on that street corner were hit both of the people are expected to be okay.dbrx >> san francisco mayor supporting gun control measures now following killings in newtown, connecticut. ed lee presented a plan that will be taken up by the board of supervisors. >> the mayor says he feels strongly about laws after what happened in newtown, connecticut and points out that here in san francisco, the number of homicides has gone up. 67, so far this year. >> prayers for a fallen teen recited near the place in the bay view neighborhood where he was murdered on saturday. the san francisco archdiocese holds these services at sites were homicides occur. >> young people are dying. they're the kmu tour of the communities. >> the mayor says now is the time to take action to try to stop shootings. the mayor says he's supporting local legislation on gun controls. supervisor cohen will produce laws on january 15th.
signed a settlement falling short of a court takeover of the oakland police department. today's last ditch settlement gives a new official power to impose change but leaves the day, today operations in the hands of the city. the director who will answer to the judge has ability to fire the police chief if that is necessary. the ruling comes on the heels of8cki a 2003 civil rights case settled by the city in exchange for promised reforms that were not fulfilled. a hearing on the issue was scheduled for foam tomorrow but theçx÷]÷ hearing was canced because of the order from the judge. >> san francisco district attorney is reassuring the public a brutal killing two days ago was an isolated incident two. people found bound and gagged on the street sunday night. a 26-year-old died after being shot inside of an suv and dumped on the road. an 18-year-old female was beaten, left next to him to die. she survived. today, four people accused appeared in court. the judge did not allow to us videotape them. they're a 31-year-old, 21-year-old, 24-year-old and 22-year-old. all four pleaded not
in oakland who are signed to half a dozen schools were prepared to respond to any school in the district on request. and officers paid visits to every school in burlingame just to make sure everything was okay today. abc 7 news reporter vic lee and laura anthony are covering local schools for us tonight what. can you tell us about school security? >> well, dan, since you mentioned police, i can tell you they've been in the process of distributing police radios to schools. so that teachers can call them directly instead of using 911. i can also tell you that all of the school zrekts by we contacted today say they do have security measures in place and that they drill regularly, all of this is after columbine.s5[4x since the columbine massacre, schools have been holding drill was police, simulating shootings. all with a goal of preparing teachers, staff and students for the unthinkable. it's taught schools to toughen their security. san francisco school chief says every campus now hz a safety plan and a crisis man yule. >> it has scenarios from you know, intruders to gas leaks to electrica
.com. >> more break husband, oakland police investigating a homicide. a man shot in the middle of a resident street. 83rd avenue and e street. you can see the police have closed off that block while they try to figure out exactly what happened. no word yet on a motive or possible systems in this killing. >>> shock and anguish for the families of those being cared for at the sonoma developmental center, it provides care to hundreds of patients patients wh intellectual challenges. regulators are yanking the facility's license. vic lee has more on why is this happening? >> reporter: dan, the sonoma developmental center had a troubling history. reported abuses and poor investigations by its police force. and now the department of public health has moved to shut down a major portion of the center. the program that cares for patients with severe disabilities who aren't bedridden by live on the premises. >> if they close us, i mean, i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: she heads the group of family members and advocates of those being treated at the sonoma developmental center. her aut
five police districts, two of them in east oakland, each headed by a captain and lieutenant. >> it's critical for our continued rebound economically. and it's just critical for every day citizens. >> all of this falls on heels of a judge's decision to have a compliance director oversee the police department. the move was made after the department failed to meet deadlines of reforms. the chief says stress the two point plan is part of a decision made by him back in april. and made it clear they'll fall within the city chain of command. >> they'll be reporting to me as a group. >> the group will give the chief mek ren -- recommendations. this is at a cost. let's ask the city council presented with a proposal for a fee of $250,000. money to be pulled from the city general fund. smik smith, abc 7 news. >> investigators are trying to learn what prompted a screaming call to 911 ending in a deadly shooting. it happened in an apartment complex on creekside drive near south maine street. laura anthony joins us live. are these worrying there is a danger to the public from this? >> no. they s
, a little on the cool side. mainly in the low to mid-50s up to 56 in oakland and 55 in fremont. cooler in parts of the north bay. 53 in santa rosa. looking southward to monterey bay, showers will end later in the day. high temperatures mainly in the mid-50s. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. there is a slight chance of some showers mainly in the north bay on friday. chance of rain on saturday and drying out again on sunday. we'll have sunny skies on monday which is new year's eve and day of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid-50s. >> dan: after christmas rain we will be ready for that. >> you are right about that. >> dan: larry beil is off but rick kwan is here. >> sports world is celebrating christmas with lots of n.b.a. basketball. do you hear what i hear? >> jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ hoe oe >> there were a lot of kheevs for world peace today not just because it's christmas. lakers played nost to the knicks and the stars were out. the fans got to see meadow world peace. he had 16 of his 20 in third quarter. anthony led with 34, this put the
, two -- over two inches there. almost two and a half. over an inch at napa, and oakland. and lesser amounts in livermore, andow talk all the rain and couple it with the wind, golden gate bridge reported a wind gust of 57 miles-per-hour. in the valley reporting a rain gust of 48 miles-per-hour. so a lot of visibility concerns and a lot of high winds and a lot of water out there today. good news is that the rain will be ending overnight. get ready for a dry day for christmas eve, and then another weaker storm system will move in for christmas day. here's a three-quarter satellite radar composite. this is the actual cold front developing just off the coast. and check it out as i animate this. there it is. we'll back it up again. this was from 7:00 this morning. the cold front hadn't even really formed yet, and then at 3:00 you seek in the moderate rain moving in south of san jose, and towards the east bay, and now all of that has pushed off towards the sierra. so we'll say goodbye to that system and hello to another one. 6:00 tonight, all the rain moving out by 10:00. watch out for pat
from oakland. two have hercules addresses. police made arrestsvÁa day after they found the couple in the ingleside district. the male victim died later at san francisco general hospital. a source tills us suspects brought in for questioning yesterday after investigators received leads from the public and later arrested in a house in early morning hours. a spokesman says everyone knew each other. >> there was anmxñ extensive relationship in this case. i cannot get into detail was the relationship. >> investigators still looking at motive. a source tells us the female was known to be involved if prostitution. they're trying to find out if victims were from out of and we now know what caused wounds. >> male victim appeared to have blunt force trauma and wounds to upper body. the cause of the death is still pending medical examiner conclusion of the autopsy report. >> this female victim was not shot. yesterday, doctors say wounds were not life threatening today, they're saying she's likely going to survive. >> okay. thank you very much. there is another storm headed our way t
from building luxury homes on it oakland zoo got a christmas gift and doesn't know who to thank. zoo officials opened a letter this week and inside found a check for $1 million. the zoo tried to find out who gave that gift but foundation says donor wished to remain anonymous. money will go a long way in helping the zoo day-to-day operations. it used to get $1.2 million from the city. now, it gets less than half that have amount what. a fabulous gift. >> incredible gift. >> and we had quite the weather moving through tonight. >> yes. and look what live doppler 7 is picking up now. lightning strikes here. so we may be seeing a clap of thunder. checking out where it's raining now i'm going to take you closer and show where radar is. it's on mount st. helena. around clover dale, zag springs road we have spotty showers in the east bay. also, for peninsula and looking across the dunbarton bridge it's slick. fabian way, perhaps sinkels now. around ben loman we're getting steadier rainfall. in sierra nevada chain controls remain in effect. temperatures now mainly 50s and a few 40s around fai
, 43/100ths in oakland. take a look at san francisco. 22/100ths. san jose, less, only 15/100ths. 7/100ths inétlr livermore, and santa cruz mountains over an inch of rain. and we have rainy days coming your way getting closer to holidays. we'll talk about the potential for frost. i'll be back with a complete forecast coming up. >> thank you. see you shortly. police asking for the public's help in solving a murder in the bay view district saturday night. the victim, a 17-year-old football player, a promising young athlete. heather? >> dan, there are many unanswered questions tonight about just what happened in san francisco. over the weekend. and why, a 17-year-old montreal blakely was so far from home. his classmates are wondering that while they grieve. the 17-year-old senior montreal blake laylee played offense and defense for the minutemen. police say he was shot and killed in the city's bay view district around 10:00 saturday night. the school held a moment of silence for him this morning. many students heard yesterday came to school today wearing black. >> it was shocking. i
will be reopened. >> carolyn: one area hit hard by the problem of mudslides is oakland where road crews are focused on cleaning up. our team coverage continues with reporter nick smith live there where he experienced it firsthand. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm at skyline boulevard and pinehurst road. there is only few yards behind me where a mudslide disrupted traffic. i want you to take a look at video. this is pinehurst road barely inside contra costa county. now, the scene of this morning's mudslide, massive stones weighing hundreds of pounds were pulled from the foundation. ground was saturated from previous rain was no match for the weight and pressure. highway patrol was forced to close a section until road crews could remove the debris. >> the three coming down and my heart just sank. first thing i could think of is to duck. i heard it bounce directly off my roof. i'm pretty lucky. >> reporter: he is talking about that tree. that tree nearly 80 feet in height and weighing close to a ton hit with enough pressure and caved part of car's roof and ripped off the mirror. firefighters worked as qui
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21